The dangerous and harmful Dukan Diet

Ducane diet has a negative effect on all metabolic processes in the body. But most of all this power is suffering from gastro-intestinal tract. Since the digestive system begins to work very bad, the food is delayed for a long time inside a person and provokes bloating, constipation, and inflammatory processes.

Losing weight with this diet is mainly due to fluid loss buy xenical online. Since the body does not receive carbs, it begins to compensate for the weight of the muscle. But against this background in the body begin to rapidly decrease glucose reserves and developing dehydration. And the fact that a person perceives the first to achieve in practice is rather alarming symptom.

After some time, the condition may worsen even more, and losing weight a person can appear muscle weakness, bad breath and a very strong sleepiness.

Why dangerous salt-free diet?

Salt-free diet among nutritionists is also considered to be very dangerous. Generally, it is prescribed only those people who have kidney and blood pressure problems. All the rest of this food can only bring harm. Sol, despite the fact that we believe it is not very useful, much needed by the body.

Since it is the principal plasma component and provides the correct connection of the human brain, with its muscles, its deficiency may lead to slimming that begin to malfunction of the internal organs. In the first place it will affect the cardiovascular system.

For this reason, among the people who were sitting on a salt-free diet, there is a large number of heart attacks and strokes. Because of this if you decide to try such a diet for yourself, while not completely give up the use of salt. Just add it to the dish is the minimum quantity and even better to replace the sea.

The dangerous and harmful carbohydrate-free diet?

Almost all people think carbohydrates are harmful to the body, so people think that if you reduce their use, it will not only help to reduce weight, but also a healthier internal organs. But in practice it turns out to be the opposite. Since there are also useful include carbohydrates and bad, the complete elimination of them from the diet leads to some problems.

For example, carbohydrates, that is, honey, wheat meal and sweet fruits, are vital to our orgasm for normal functioning. Their lack can lead to gastritis, gastric ulcers, and hanged gepatoza amino acids in the body.

All this leads to the fact that people lose weight not because they eat right, but because of the diseases that slowly deplete his body. And due to the fact that the body gets less conventional fiber in the intestine begins to linger and stagnate foods, thereby causing problems with immunity.

For this reason, people sitting on a carbohydrate-free diet, the most exposed to infection with seasonal viral diseases.

The dangerous and harmful drinking diet?

Probably each of us had heard that water is an ideal product for weight loss. In principle, the way it is, if you drink at least 2 liters of water a day and at the same time to eat, you probably will be able to lose a few extra kilos.

But if you choose to sit on a diet of drinking, then your body will bring only harm. Drinking a lot of water, you, of course, some time will be able to deceive the body and suppress hunger. But over time, it still will need potalnye material that will help it to function properly.

And since they will not come from food, it will start to take them out of domestic stocks, gradually depleting all organs and systems. Another negative side of drinking diet is that it promotes the washout from the body of vitamins and minerals, which are responsible for the beauty and youth rights. So if you only drink, but nothing to eat, something about beautiful hair, nails and skin can forget for a long time.

Diet Margaret Thatcher: the more dangerous?

Margaret Thatcher Diet is more familiar to us under the name of the egg. The basis of the diet in this case come from the egg and citrus. Eggs will saturate the body with protein and oranges and grapefruits all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In small amounts is also allowed the use of chicken, greens and vegetables. And although at first glance it may seem that such a power can be useful, in this case, there are pitfalls that can cause problems. Since you will be eating a lot of citrus, it is extremely important to your digestive tract working like clockwork.

If you have problems in this area, then do not even start to eat like baggage. Such a diet can aggravate the condition of the digestive system and aggravate chronic disease.

Also with caution to such a diet should be suited allergies and pregnant women. The lack of certain nutrients can lead to the fact that they have a very much worse state of health and reduce the body's defenses.