Why do I need to have sex

Sexual life plays a very important role in the existence of each of us. It is necessary for a full family life and benefits health. But with many men and women give up sex for many days, weeks, and even months. And sexologists and urologists and gynecologists believe one hundred percent that prolonged abstinence - this is not a normal variant. Let's discuss why man sex? And why should I have sex?

Ten years ago, experts from Queen's University in Belfast examined mortality data among about a thousand middle-aged men over the time span of ten years. At the same time, scientists compared people who had equal financial status, age and health status, but were a different sex. This study showed that men who had the maximum number of orgasms cialis brand name usa price, the mortality rate was less than half than in those who practiced abstinence. So, sex is actually prolongs life.

Health prostate. Many urologists have come to the conclusion that there is a relationship between the frequency of orgasms and the emergence of oncological lesions of the prostate gland. After all, for the synthesis of the seminal fluid of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles to be collected from the blood of a number of nutrients provided by zinc, citric acid and potassium and increase their concentration in the six hundred times. Also there is the concentration of various carcinogens. Accordingly, ejaculation should be considered as an excellent method of cleaning the prostate gland and maintain its activity at the appropriate level. This may well explain why sex should be in life.

Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. There is research evidence that men who have sex at least twice - three times a week, much less likely to suffer from strokes and heart attacks. It can be very easy to explain: while making love heart and blood vessels are working at full capacity. Accordingly, that's why to have sex. This is an excellent method of cardio workouts and circulation.

Immunity. During sex in men is produced about a third more of immunoglobulin A than in any other pastime options. Accordingly, regular sexual activity makes the body more resistant to colds and other ailments. Sex - this is an excellent method of angina and prevention of influenza. So you need to have sex or do better cheer? How do you think?

Benefits psyche. Sexologists say that systematic sexual activity can prevent many mental illnesses. Sexual release helps get rid of stress, throw off stress. Further exercises in bed promote maximum relaxation after ejaculation, which in turn helps to cope with insomnia. There is evidence that abstinence very often causes neurosis among representatives of both sexes.

Success at work. Experience shows that men who have sex regularly, appear to be more courageous and confident. They actively produce testosterone, which helps to achieve success in the labor field. Such representatives of the stronger sex have a certain look friendly, good posture, prone to creativity and perseverance to achieve their goals. Experts say that the lack of sex is quite adversely affect the performance.

Cerebration. Sex, a positive effect on the brain activity and activates the reactions that occur therein. During lovemaking brain receives a lot of blood, which makes especially clear thinking. At high sexual activity increases the flexibility of thinking, and one gets the ability to quickly react to different situations. Even during sex, there is a development of cortisone and adrenaline, which also has a positive effect on brain function, attention and creative thinking.

Why have sex?

Sex - a great way pastime, which is great uplifting, helps to eliminate excess weight and even slows the aging process. In addition systematic sex life helps to reduce pain sensitivity, because during orgasm in the blood to a large number of hormones that have anesthetic effects. Sex - is an excellent remedy for headache, malaise colds and other pathological conditions.

During the lessons unprotected sex partners exchange hormones. Women pass estrogen men, girls and men - androgens. Estrogen is able to develop in men a desire to care and be gentle with his partner, and androgens help to increase the sexual activity in women, to accelerate the speed of thought and develop physical endurance.

Exercises in bed - it is a wonderful breathing exercises. Sexual activity helps to relax the bronchial tubes and the saturation of all cells of the body with oxygen.

Mutual intimate caresses and sex have remarkable curative effect in many sexual disorders and a number of chronic ailments. In addition, regular sex life will help to avoid the monotony of family life and improve relations between the partners.