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Microsurgery Room I

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Each of our microsurgery rooms is ultramodern in design and function. Both are equipped with a full line of emergency equipment. Our surgery tables are electronically controlled, automated, and extremely comfortable. Each operating has a color LCD TV and stereo.

The surgical microscope in this room is a fully automated, electronic Zeiss scope customized for Dr. Grey and imported from Germany. There is no finer (nor more expensive) scope available. This particular microscope has electronic internal focus, automated zoom, and automated X/Y axis control. It also has an internal digital camera for video recording, biophotography, and allowing the spouse to view the microsurgery on TV.

The microscope is operated by foot pedals accessible to Dr. Grey while performing the vasectomy reversal. Since the scope can be operated by foot pedals, Dr. Grey doesn't have to take his hands or his eyes from the microsurgical field to make adjustments.

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