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Aloha Dr. Grey

We have some great news!! Our "Ohana" (Means family in Hawaiian and sounds like ...Oh Ha ) is growing!!  

I came to you all the way from Hawaii in September of last year, just about 5 months ago. Yesterday Kaiser medical center confirmed that my wife Shannon is indeed pregnant. Due date is set at 10/16/04  This is a blessing!! I am so glad I came to you. You and your staff answered all my questions and were always very informative.  I would be happy to refer you to anyone interested in a reversal, as I know they will not be disappointed.  We will keep you updated as often as possible. I pray God's blessings upon you and your practice.  Thank you so much for doing what you love and loving what you do.

Aloha Dennis J Ing Firefighter/EMT


Aloha Dr. Grey

Little baby Matthew, which so fittingly means "God's Gift" was born to us October, 01, 2004 at 2:30pm Hawaii Time. He truly is a Gift and we are so honored to have him with us.

Matthew weighed in at 7lbs 9 oz. Mom had a tough time in labor, so after 4 hours of pushing, he had to come via C-Section. Both are doing great and are recovering well at home.

After my reversal with you in September of 2003, we were not expecting a child so soon. You and your staff were so supportive, words cannot express our love and gratitude for all of you there.

Dr. Grey Thank you for using the gift and talents God has given you to help others. May God continue to bless you, your family and your staff.

Feel free to share his pictures, our emails and phone number for contact/referral with others.

Love and Aloha
Dennis, Shannon and Matthew Ing

vasectomy reversal success- Ing family

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