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John and Stacey,

     I will answer your questions in the order you have asked them.  We
decided on Dr. Grey after several months of e-mailing just as you are in an
effort to locate a professional that would provide us with positive resultsVasectomy Reversal  Rayborn's Success
while keeping a budget in mind, but not letting it make our decision.  As
for Dr. Grey, I have never met a doctor that displays such a desire to help
others.  He donates portions of his fees to assist the blind and law
enforcement with K-9 training.  As for the staff, they are each as caring as
he is and they create an environment that is relaxing and professional.  As
for the recovery, It took 21 days before I could function.  believe me, I
had NO interest in functioning before the time he recommended.  No need to
rush and tear up all that hard work.  I had my vasectomy for 8 years, at the
age of 29, prior to seeing Dr. Grey on July 18, 2003.  This was my first
attempt at a reversal and I am so glad that we chose Dr. Grey.  As for
conception, Well, I had the surgery on July 18, 2003.  I was unable to
function for about a month.  Then we started slowly and cautiously for Sept.
and Oct.  On Nov. 6th, 2003 It happened!  (My 38th Birthday, What a present)
We conceived and found out on Nov. 20, 2003.  We stayed at the Tahitian Inn
in Tampa that was suggested by Dr. Grey.  I would highly recommend
requesting a down stairs room.

     Now, for anything I would like to share...Well, I would not
change it for anything in the world.  Our wonderful little dream daughter
was born on July 30, 2004 @ 1717 Hrs. at Singing River Hospital in
Pascagoula, Mississippi.  We named her "Avery Madison Rayborn".  I must say
that after watching the birth of my daughter, the surgery with Dr. Grey is
about the same pain level my wife experienced during the birth.  Therefore,
We both now have a mutual respect for the complete birthing experience on an
equal level.  We both had to endure pain but it is worth it beyond belief.
Now, I am not saying I would do it again. I WON'T!!  but, I am saying it is
worth every thing I have gone through.  I have attached a picture that was
taken in the delivery room just as she was born and still connected with the
cord.  It makes you understand that there is a higher power making our
miracles and dreams come true!  Look at it and let me know what you think!

     May GOD bless you on your wonderful journey!  Feel free to call us
anytime with questions or comments.

Eric and Stacie Rayborn,
Gautier, MS

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