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Dr. Grey,
Here is a photo of our precious new baby girl! We were scheduled to have a c-section on 3/17/05 but she decided to make her entrance into our world on 3/13/05. We are so excited and blessed! Thanks so much for all you do -if it was not for you, this little angel would not be here. Thanks again!

Carol Zielinski

Dear Dr. Grey,
Just wanted to tell you that my husband & I are expecting a baby in March. We came to you last January, 10th I think. My husband's name is Joel Zielinski & you performed his reversal surgery. We actually got pregnant in March last year but lost the baby in May. It didn't take us long until we were pregnant again though! Although the loss of our baby was a terrible loss and it still hurts me, we know we are very blessed to be expecting again. And all looks good! I am scheduled for a c-section on 3/17/05, if all goes as planned.

We just wanted to let you know that we have had a very successful outcome from Joel's surgery! Thanks so much! We can send a baby photo, if you like, after the baby is born. Also, when we were there, you gave me a book of yours (maybe the 1st book you wrote-I know you had a new one due out a couple of months after our visit) & I read it and truly enjoyed it. Great job! Thanks for the book and for signing it for me. It meant a lot. We will keep in touch.

Carol Zielinski

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