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If pregnancy does not result within 2 years of your vasectomy reversal, Dr. Grey will redo it for only a reservation fee.

Dr. Grey performs reversal surgery every single working day.

There is no other surgeon in the world who does as many vasectomy reversals as Dr. Grey.

His entire career is devoted to the reversal of vasectomies.

Patients are supposed to arrive at 9AM for the morning case and 1 PM for the afternoon case.

The operation itself takes 2 hours.

Morning patients leave at about 12:30. Afternoon patients leave about 4:30.

There is no pain or discomfort during surgery.

Patients are sedated by mouth and the surgery is done under long acting local.

Patients who have lost a child may have the reversal at $5,000.

A portion of each and every fee is donated to the training of guide dogs for the blind.

The full fee is $6,000. Financing is available at 0%.

Financing is arranged as follows:

  • $1200 upon scheduling.
  • $1800 on surgery day.
  • $500 monthly for 6 months.

A $500. discount is given for payment in full by certified check or cash. There is no discount for payment in full by credit card.

You do not need an athletic supporter. Briefs provide enough support after vasectomy reversal.

Bring loose fitting pants with you on reversal day.

If you have a drug plan which provides you with a prescription card, kindly bring it with you to our facility.

If practical, we would like to see you for a quick check-up on the morning after surgery at 9:45.

Please, do your best not to reschedule your appointment once it is made. Find a date that's convenient for you and try to stick to it! We are always fully booked.

Consultations are always free, in person or by telephone.

Your Recovery

Our patients often require no prescription pain medicines. We suggest taking Aleve or Ibuprofen for 3 to 4 days after vasectomy reversals. Drugs with aspirin should not be used.

While we guarantee no pain during the procedure, there is some soreness afterwards. Anxiety has much to with how we experience the aftermath of a medical procedure. Therefore, patients often have different descriptions of the recovery from the same procedure.

People who have sedentary jobs may return to work on the day after their reversal. If your job involves much standing or walking, you would be wiser to take the rest of the day off. Most reversals patients can resume desk work within 24 hours.

Micro-Precise Reversals

This procedure is performed with a Zeiss OPMI Vario surgical microscope.

Dr. Grey makes 1 small incision in the skin on the front of the scrotum. He trims and shapes the vas deferens stumps using micro-scalpels. Once certain the tissue is healthy, each vas is reconnected in 3 layers with micro-sutures. The connections are done with 11, 10 , and 9-0 Ethilon. A sleeve of fat is then wrapped around the connections and sealed to create a fourth layer.

This grants precision and strength which cannot be equaled anywhere in the world by any means.

If pregnancy does not occur within 24 months of surgery, Dr. Grey will redo the operation for just a reservation fee if the first operation was a failure.

A Certificate of Guarantee is given to every patient.

This procedure is performed under local, but patients may go to sleep if they wish. Many men request sedation somewhere between sleep and mild relaxation. We can provide the degree and duration of sedation requested in most instances.


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